Key Features

Get a 360-degree view of where coding errors occur and how to correct them with the industry standard in Pricing, Coding and Clinical information for Medical Specialty Drugs.

Data Modules

All ReimbursementCodes data includes Price, NDC Crosswalk, Min/Max Plus, Part B or Part D, Drug Diagnosis Coding 10 (ICD-10-CM), Age/Gender and Administration Codes.


Custom Data Files

We offer customizable data files designed for direct integration with enterprise systems such as pharmacy operations, financial and analytic platforms, network contracting and claims management.

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Drug Card

Streamline your workflow with the Drug Card. The Drug Card includes code level pricing and the NDC Crosswalk for each HCPCS/CPT® drug code. Dig deeper into our clinical and coding modules using the detail panel on every card.


Avoid human calculation errors with the Calculator. Get unit based pricing on every code and NDC where applicable. Use the Calculator to convert HCPCS/CPT® level units to NDC level pricing units.

Claim Check

Gain real-time insight on HCPCS/CPT®, NDCs, Billable Units and Unit Price. This service will review coding, clinical, and pricing for medical specialty drugs on a claim form. Pricing includes AWP, WAC, Medicare Allowable and CMAC.

NDC Unit Conversion

The NDC Conversion module converts HCPCS/CPT® drug code units to NDC units for NDC rebate initiatives and/or market share analysis, as well as NDC level reimbursement calculation.

NOC Code Conversion

ReimbursementCodes allows for conversion of NOC Codes, with the ability to select the various units of measure (UOM) from a claim and price these products without a drug specific HCPCS/CPT® Code.

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ReimbursementCodes is the most trusted, comprehensive source of coding (HCPCS/CPT® and NDC),
pricing (AWP, WAC, ASP, and CMAC) and clinical crosswalks (ICD10, Min/Max, and Age/Gender) to
accurately support reimbursement.

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