Upcoming Product Releases

For the better part of this year, RJ Health Systems has been hard at work building new enhancements and additions to our products and data employed by 250 health care organizations for reimbursement of physician administered drugs. For starters, we have a new concept for our flagship product; ReimbursementCodes. Our focus has been on improving the workflow and supporting the use of our data for analysis. Second, we are helping our payors with reimbursement policies based on NDC coding and their provider education efforts with a new product called RC Claim Assist. Third, we are striving to give insight to our payors on their own data when compared against RJ Health Systems’ data. Each product will help our clients understand our data more effectively and how it can help them reimburse better. Last, but not least, we are preparing for a new addition to our Min/Max data which will include new Compendia ranges. ReimbursementCodes We realize our customers use ReimbursementCodes to solve a variety of pricing and coding challenges. Our focus for this new concept is to simplify the access to the data, create actionable use of the data and gain insight to trends. RC Claim Assist We know many of our payor partners are moving towards NDCs for reimbursement on medical claims. In addition to providing the data necessary to support this, we are now offering a web-based application to assist Providers with coding and the billable units allowed for NDCs. RC Claims Analysis Using a payor’s historical claims, we will provide an analysis to help demonstrate how the RJ Health data will identify areas for review and possible corrective action related to pricing and coding. Min/Max Plus We have expanded our current Min/Max offering to include daily dose ranges for off-label indications listed in CMS approved Compendia. We have also broadened the parameters that we use to calculate these dose ranges based on the increasing national average for weights and heights of adult and pediatric patients. More updates and information on these products will be coming soon. We’re really excited for our customers to get their hands on these enhancements. If you’d like more information or to be kept in the loop as we progress, please shoot us a note at info@rjhealthsystems.com. Best, George Herchenroether SVP, Innovation  RJ Health Systems