Improve Reimbursement Accuracy

The ReimbursementCodes SaaS application provides insight into medical covered drugs with the most up to date coding and pricing information in the industry. Our platform of data and software-as-a-service applications gives payors the capability to drive improvements related to medical drug spend. Pharmacy, financial, clinical and claims teams have access to timely and accurate data that can optimize reimbursements, control costs and efficiently manage complex workflows.




Reduce Claim Denials, Drug Price Transparency

Providers of all types are faced with the challenge of understanding all aspects of the coding and pricing process related to submitting a claim for payment. The goal is to always get it right the first time. The added challenge of providing accurate NDCs and related units makes claims a daunting task. ReimbursementCodes is a software-as-a-service application designed to minimize the reimbursement risk and delayed processing, for both provider and payor groups.




Gain Access to The Health Care Community

ReimbursementCodes offers pharmaceutical companies comparable intelligence on medically covered drugs in the health care system. Pharma manufacturers can perform the following:

  • View and compare coding and reimbursement rates, including AWP, WAC, ASP and APC rates which have proprietary code level price
  • Provide access to field representatives so they are well versed in the coding of the product(s) and can provide information to providers on how to bill for a drug
  • View NDC level pricing and data for your product as well as competitors’ products

Get Ahead of Medical Drug Trend

Streamlined Workflow
Comprehensive display of The Drug Card includes code level pricing and the NDC Crosswalk for each HCPCS/CPT® drug code, giving you the right drug price, therapeutic class and HCPCS to NDC code conversion.

Find Drug Codes Fast
Enhanced search, sort and filters allows users to capture our drug code information easy from a vast data source.

Crosswalk NDCs based upon HCPCS/CPT© and get NDC unit based pricing, where applicable.

NOC Code Solutions
Reimbursement pricing and coding for Not Otherwise Classified drugs.

Introducing, Claim Check
Gain real-time insight on coding, clinical and pricing considerations for medically covered pharmaceuticals.

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I utilize ReimbursementCodes almost on a daily basis. The new platform is amazing. When I enter in the information that I am searching for, everything comes up on one screen. I don’t have to transfer anywhere else. It’s wonderful to be able to view all the information at one time, and the additional tools that can be utilized from the same screen. It has made my job much easier.

Commercial Products Manager / Mid-Sized Health Plan

ReimbursementCodes Features

ReimbursementCodes functions and features create a simplified workflow designed to support claims teams, finance, provider relations, clinical, as well as provider offices.

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ReimbursementCodes is the most trusted, comprehensive source of coding (HCPCS/CPT® and NDC),
pricing (AWP, WAC, ASP, and CMAC) and clinical crosswalks (ICD10, Min/Max, and Age/Gender) to
accurately support reimbursement.

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